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MultNAT point of care real time PCR analyser

  1. Best available system
  2. 32 samples per run supplied in 8x4 catridges
  3. 24 parameters available for 1 sample in 1 run!
  4. results in only 35 minutes
  5. multiparameter and multisamples
  6. Fluorescent PCR (no LAMP)
  7. similar system to Genexpert of Cepheid, Molbio, Abbott's IdNow, Fluxergy or Mi diagnostics PCR chip (10 min) from Leuven IMEK.

In july 2022 we launched the Monkeypox Virus Assay (for research use) intended for use with EasyNAT® System and MultNAT® System for the rapid detection of monkeypox virus infection.

What other parameters are available in MultNAT?

Flue, Ebola, Streptococcus, MTC, Pneumonia, Dengue, Respiratory, MRSA, Measles, HPV, Borellia, Norovirus, Carba-M, Encephalitis

MultNAT parameters

In the assays, a NAT bio-safe cartridge is provided. This closed system contains all reagents for Real Time PCR.

The MultNAT system integrates the sample collection and processing in one step, which means you will work in a sealed testing environment and no extra sample processing and transferring process will be needed. For your accreditation this is much easier and covenient than home made RT-PCR with the extraction variations. No LAMP but real real time RT-PCR

Using the MultNAT will greatly reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and MultNAT will save you a lot of time. The reagents used for amplification are vitrified and pre-loaded in a sealed cartridge, enabling ambient transportation of the assay. Room temperature storage of the reagents is a great advantage for your Nucleic Acid Testing lab logistics.

MultNAT is made in 2023 by the Ustar factory as a new version of EasyNAT.


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Warranty Information

Maxanim Guarantees a backup instrument if your MultNAT PCR analyser will need reparation. We offer 24/7 support all over Europe.
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3 Reviews

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    Posted by Dr. Emily Johnson on 13th Jun 2024

    the system has revolutionized our nucleic acid testing process. Its multiplexing capabilities and user-friendly interface have enhanced our laboratory's efficiency and throughput. With this system, we can simultaneously detect multiple pathogens with ease, making it an invaluable tool for infectious disease diagnostics

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    Posted by Lieven Gevaert on 23rd Nov 2023

    gives real ct values on GI pannel 24 parameters

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    Posted by Lieven Gevaert on 3rd Aug 2022

    The installation of MultNAT systems started in august 2022 for Monkeypox and other point of care testing. Ask representative for a demo unit.

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