HHV6 RT-PCR Quant (CE) | V10-FRT

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HHV6 RT-PCR Quant | V10-FRT from Sacace Biotechnologies is available for delivery

Real Time PCR kit for quantitative detection of Human Herpes Virus 6

Storage & Shipping :

The kit can be shipped at 2-8°C for 3-4 days but should be stored at 2-8°C and -20°C immediately on receipt.

HHV6 RT-PCR Quant (CE) V10-FRT DataSheet


kit HHV6 Real-TM Quant is an in vitro Real Time amplification test for quantitative detection of Human Herpes Virus 6 in the biological materials. DNA is extracted from samples, amplified using real time amplification with fluorescent reporter dye probes specific for pol-gene of HHV6 and Internal Control (IC). Test contains an IC (β-globine gene) which serves as an amplification control for each individually processed specimen and to identify possible reaction inhibition.


kit HHV6 Real-TM Quant is based on two major processes: isolation of DNA from specimens and Real Time amplification. Amplification results of HHV6 DNA are detected on the Joe/HEX/Yellow and β-globine gene used as Internal Control is detected on the Fam/Green channel. If the sample is not correctly prepared or well stored (insufficient quantity < 2,0 x 104 genomes/sample) the Internal Control will not be detected or it comes very low.  Kit contains quantitative standards for simultaneous detection of DNA HHV6 and β-globine gene in one tube which allows to avoid labouring procedure of leukocytes extraction from blood and their calculation.

Calculate the concentration of HHV6 DNA in standard quantity of cells, for example in 106 human cells using the following formula:

Copies HHV6 DNA in 106 cells* = copies HHV6 DNA in reaction/copies human DNA in reaction x 2*106

*106 cells contains 2*106 human genomes

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