HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid

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  • HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid
  • HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid
  • HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid
  • HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid
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Suspension Reagent to remove Hemoglobin interference for PCR

  • Suitable for infectious disease research or rigorous analysis for whole blood or heavily hemolyzed samples
  • Scaleable suspension reagent
  • Robust and simple, no phenol/chloroform or ammonium sulfate precipitation
  • High Yield – free and soluble DNA or RNA is highly recoverable
  • > 95% Hemoglobin and Protein removal from whole blood lysates & dried blood cards
  • Eliminates inhibitory effects of heme for PCR applications
  • Compatible with silica-type final isolation preps

Some infectious viruses are known or suspected to be associated with red cells, such as Zika and West Nile viruses. So to detect their presence, it is becoming increasingly apparent to use whole blood, rather than plasma alone, as a starting sample type. However, the presence of hemoglobin from whole blood lysates is challenging for PCR because of the large amount of hemoglobin present. HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid is designed to efficiently remove hemoglobin while maintaining very high recovery of nucleic acids, both RNA and DNA.

The protocol is easily scaled up or down to accommodate different starting blood volumes and works with common lysis buffers. Simply adjust the reagent volumes 5:1 proportionally to the starting blood volume.


Performance Efficiency

HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid Suspension Reagent: Sample Volume Ratio

Nucleic Acid Recovery

RNA from Yeast, Total OD A260 = 15

5 : 1



Performance Efficiency

HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid Suspension Reagent

Hemoglobin Removal

Protein Removal

50 µl whole blood (Lysed using 3 M GuSCN. Final volume 150 µl.)

250 µl





Item No.

HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid
5ml (includes Spin filters)


HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid
50ml (reagent only)




Materials required



HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid supplied as Suspension Reagent in <5 % Isopropanol

5 ml

50 ml

No. Preps Based on 50 µl of lysed whole blood sample

20 preps

200 preps

Microfuge Spin-X type Filters

20 supplied

(Not supplied)

3M Guanidine ThioCyanate (or equivalent lysis)

Not supplied

Not supplied

Wide bore pipette tips

Suggested (Not Supplied)


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    Posted by Tripp on 1st Dec 2021

    This product arrived today. It is very simple to use.

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