Exo-spin™, midi columns | EX04

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  • Exo-spin™, midi columns | EX04
  • Exo-spin™, midi columns | EX04
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Exo-spin™, midi columns | EX04

Exo-spin™ products provide a proven, rapid and reliable way of generating high quality purified exosomes suitable for a range of research applications.

Exo-spin™ technology is based on size exclusion chromatography (SEC), which is reliable for exosome isolation. A concentration step is recommended if a starting sample has low exosome-content. This includes cell culture media, urine, saliva etc. Without this important step, a lower exosome recovery will be obtained. Exo-spin™ provides a simple protocol which allows you to purify your sample in less than 2 hours with consistent and reliable results.


The EX04 Exo-spin™ product contains packed and equilibrated ready-to-use SEC columns.

The EX04 Exo-spin™ kit has been developed to process up to 500 ml of cell culture medium, saliva, and urine (when used in conjunction with a concentration step, e.g. precipitation). 1 ml of blood samples (plasma and sera) may be added onto the column directly.

Table 1. The maximum sample size that can be loaded onto a column will depend on the sample type and whether the sample is concentrated by precipitation or loaded iteratively. 

Exo-spin™ column and resin pore size

The column bed volume in EX04 Exo-spin™ midi-columns is 10 ml, allowing for 1 ml of volume to be loaded onto each column.

The pore size within the resin is approximately 30 nm to attain a highly pure exosome elution. All other molecules (e.g. proteins, lipids) which are smaller than 30 nm will enter into the pores and remain trapped in the column. 

Highest recovery and purity

Exosomes in a range 30-250 nm will elute in the first fraction. 99.5% other proteins and lipids will be retained in the column and will elute later than the exosomes, ensuring a highly pure sample ready for downstream application.


All our columns are manufactured in our laboratory to ensure a high reproducibility between each lot. As proof of reproducibility and batch-to-batch consistency, a large number of peer-reviewed scientific papers have been published describing the use of Exo-spin™.


Upon receipt, store purification columns and Exo-spin™ Buffer at 4°C. All other components should be stored at room temperature (15°C - 25°C).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For any additional questions, please refer to FAQs document below.

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