Arg-Antibody Elution Buffer(pH 4.0)

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Arg-Antibody Elution Buffer(pH 4.0) | 17088-15 from Nacalai Tesque is available for delivery.

Arg-Antibody Elution Buffer (pH 4.0)

This product leads to effective elution of antibodies from protein A columns under mild pH (pH 4.0). Normally, antibodies are not effectively eluted at pH 4.0. Use of a lower pH can lead to partial denaturation and subsequent aggregation of the eluted antibodies. This product is based on the unique characteristics of arginine, which suppresses protein-protein interactions.

This product is manufactured with permission from Ajinomoto Co., Inc. based on the patent JP 4826995*.

*JP: 4826995, US: 8084032, 8435527, 2012-0264918, EP: 1568710, CN: 1680426


  • Enables effective elution of antibodies from protein A column, reducing potential risk of acid denaturation and resultant aggregation
  • Virus inactivation, a key step of clinical antibody manufacturing, is enhanced by arginine
  • The use of this product has no impact on the preceding processes of antibody purification, e.g., loading step of cell culture medium and the following column washing step
  • Arginine-based elution buffers are available in different formats upon request

Elution from Protein A using L-Arginine



Example: Comparison with glycine-HCl elution buffer


  1. Equilibrate protein A column (here COSMOGEL Ig-Accept Protein A) with D-PBS
  2. Load human serum
  3. Wash with 10 column volumes of D-PBS
  4. Elute with 5 volumes of acid (0.1 M glycine pH 2.8 - 4.0) or Arg-Antibody Elution Buffer
  5. Analyze eluted fractions, e.g., by SDS-PAGE

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