Zymolyase®-20T (100T)

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  • Zymolyase®-20T (100T)
  • Zymolyase®-20T (100T)
  • Zymolyase®-20T (100T)
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Zymolyase®-20T | 07663-91 from Nacalai Tesque is available for delivery.

Zymolyase®, produced by a submerged culture of Arthrobacter luteus(1), has strong lytic activity against living yeast cell walls(2),(3) to produce protoplast or spheroplast of various strains of yeast cells. An essential enzyme for the lytic activity of Zymolyase® is β-1,3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase. It hydrolyzes linear glucose polymers with β-1,3-linkages and releases specifically laminaripentaose as the main and minimum product unit.

Product Information

There are two preparations of Zymolyase®, Zymolyase®-20T and Zymolyase®-100T, having lytic activity of 20,000 units/g and 100,000 units/g respectively. Zymolyase®-20T is ammonium sulfate precipitate while Zymolyase®-100T is a further purified preparation by affinity chromatography(9). Lytic activity varies depending on yeast strain, growth stage of yeast, or cultural conditions(6-8). Further informations related to Zymolyase® can be obtained in the reference section below

Unit Definition

One unit of lytic activity is defined as that amount which indicates 30% of decrease in absorbance at 800 nm(A800) of the reaction mixture under the following condition.


Electron microscopical photo of yeast cell

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