NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid

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  • NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid
  • NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid
  • NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid
  • NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid
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Polymer Coated Silica Affinity Matrices For Glycoprotein Enrichment

  • Non-specific sites are virtually eliminated by a polymer coating
  • Stable across a wide pH range 4 – 10
  • 1000Å, 50µm suitable for LC and batch processes
  • Cis-diol specific, enriches heterogeneous sets of glycoproteins
  • Unmasks glycoproteins from high abundance proteins, most notably albumin
  • Efficient new surface technology ideal for proteomic applications
  • Enriches glycoproteins from blood, serum, plasma, tissue or cell culture media.
  • Sorbitol elution at pH 7.5 – 8.5
  • Adaptable to liquid chromatography (LC) and high-throughput 96-well format

NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid is a derivative of NuGel™ polyepoxy silica affinity support. This affinity support contains phenyl boronic groups at the end of hydrophilic spacer arms and is used to bind ligands containing cis-diols, glycoproteins.

NuGel™ Phenyl Boronic Acid Technical Data

Characteristics Of The Matrix
Spacer Arm Polymerized hydrophilic carbon chain
Porosity 1000Å
Average Particle Size 50um

Special Features:

  • Binds ligands containing 1,2 cis-diol groups of glycoproteins.
  • pH stable from 4 to 10.

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    its perfect

    Posted by Fabian on 4th Dec 2021

    I just received PHENYL today. It is easy to use.

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