Capilia™ Strep A

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20 Tests
  • Capilia Strep A
  • Capilia Strep A
  • Capilia Strep A
  • Capilia Strep A
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Capilia™ Strep A is used to detect group A beta-hemolytic streptocaccal (GABHS) antigens in pharyngeal swab (to assist in the diagnosis of GABHS infection).

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  • Rapid test for detecting group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal antigen
    Permitting accurate results; simple and easy to use
  • Rapid and efficient operation
    Use a test tube previously containing Reagent 1 shortens the test produre
  • Easy to read Black Line
    Adopting the latest nanotechnology,”Platinum-Gold Colloid”
  • Fast test results
    Reading time is 5 min.

Product Summary

  • REF   CAST1170 (20Tests)
    Kit contents :
    Test Plate×20, Reagent1 0.25mL×20, Reagent2 2.5mL×2, Nozzle×20
  • Validity  18 months
  • Storage  store at 2-30℃
  • Detection time  5 minutes
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