Recombinant Core Streptavidin 4 (r-cSA4)

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Lyophilized from 5mM PB (4mM Na2HPO4, 1mM NaH2PO4, pH7.4)
Mol. Wt .:
13.2 kDa monomeric subunit; tetramer 52.8kDa
Theoretical PI:
Theoretical activity:
18.1 Protein U / mg (rc-SA: Biotin = 1: 4 (mol: mol))
≥15 U / mgprotein (Improved green method)
≥95% (SDS -PAGE)
A280nm (1 mg / mL):
≤5EU / mg
Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Storage state:
-20 °C
Storage duration:
3 years
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Streptavidin (SA) has a strong affinity with biotin. Active SA usually exists as a tetramer and the constant affinity Kd can reach 10-15 M. Since sa does not contain a glycosyl group, SA has a lower non-specific binding level than avidin in detection and the application. It has been widely used in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunohistochemistry, time resolved immunofluorescence (TRFI), quantitative PCR, single-stranded DNA preparation, biological component purification and preparation. monoclonal antibodies.

In theory, an SA can bind four biotinylated macromolecules, but due to the spatial barrier in biotinylated macromolecules, SA generally cannot bind 1-2 biotinylated macromolecules. We have optimized the spatial structure of streptavidin 4 at the molecular level, which leads to advantages in binding with biotinylated macromolecules. Our designed product can bind 2-4 biotinylated macromolecules, and its stability is also higher than common SA or SA core. It is suitable for scientific research, diagnostic testing and other fields.

Recombinant Core Streptavidin 4 (r-cSA4) DataSheet

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