Recombinant Strep-Tactin (r-ST)

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Streptavidin is a streptavidin mutant, which can bind specifically to streptavidin. The Strep II tag is a small tag of 8 amino acids (wshpqfek). Since the tag is small, it is only about 1 kDa in size, which generally does not affect the structure and function of the fusion protein. It is commonly used in the detection and purification of fusion protein. Compared to streptactin, streptactin has a 10 times stronger affinity for streptavidin. It can bind and dissociate with streptavidin under mild conditions and can play a good role in separation and purification. The amino acid sequence of this product does not contain cysteine ​​and can be covalently linked in the middle through amino, carboxyl and other groups in the protein molecule.

M : Standard protein marker

Track 1 : r-ST monomer subunit

Track 2 : r-ST tetramer

For research only!

Recombinant Strep-Tactin (r-ST) DataSheet

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Additional Information

Lyophilized from a 5 mM solution of PB (2.5 mM Na2HPO4, 2.5 mM NaH2PO4, pH 6.8)
Mol. Weight:
13.3 kDa monomeric subunit; tetramer 53.2 kDa
Theory pI:
Theoretical activity:
18.3 U / mg (r-ST: Biotin = 1: 4 (mol: mol))
Test activity:
≥16 U / mg (Green Improved determination)
≥95% (SDS-PAGE)
280nmA Absorption method, molar absorption coefficient of 1.68 × 105 (mol / L) -1cm-1
<1.0 µg
Storage condition:
-20 °C
Storage period:
3 years
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