AffiVET® Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Antigen Rapid Test Card

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Rapid Test
40 Tests/kit
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Avian influenza virus (AIV) antigen rapid test card

1. Principle

This test kit is used to detect Avian influenza virus(AIV) antigen in birds trachea or cloaca secretions and can be used for screening and auxiliary diagnosis of avian influenza virus infection.

This test strip is based on Colloidal gold immunochromatographic test (GICA) principle to detect all subtype of Avian influenza virus. After adding sample into sample well, it moves along with Colloidal gold markers, if there is AIV antigen in the sample, it will form a complex with colloidal gold markers, it keeps moving, the complex will combine with pre-coated antibody on T line and make T line appear red color. If there is no AIV antigen in the sample, then no color reaction. C line is control line, C line appears, means the test is valid.

2. Specifications:  40 tests/kit


1)  AIV Ag test card       40 pieces

2)  Dropper                   40 pieces

3)  Sample Buffer          40 pieces

4)  Swab                      40 pieces

5)  Manual                     1 piece

4. Sample preparation

1)Collect samples from poultry laryngeal tracheal secretions, cloacal discharge. Insert the Swab into parts with most secretions, gently swipe the swab,make swab to fully absorb the secretions

2) Put the Swab into sample buffer, fully stir and squeezed test tube wall to make secretions fully dissolved in the sample buffer and get the testing sample.

3)Usually need to run the testing sample when it is ready, otherwise sample need to store in cold( 2~8℃), for more than 24 hours, store at -20℃in frozen.

5.Operation procedures

1) Read the manual carefully and return the test card and sample to room temperature before use.

2) Take out test card, use dropper to absorb the up-layer clear sample, drop 2-3 drops sample into well mark “S” vertically and slowly; or use Micropipette to transfer 70ul sample into well mark “S”.

3) Read the results in 15min at room temperature.

6. Results

Negative(-): no color reaction on Test Line (T Line),only on Control Line(C Line) being seen red color reaction. It means there is no AIV Ag in sample or the levels is lower than the detection threshold;

Positive(+): Both on T Line and C line being seen red color reaction. It means there is AIV Ag in sample;

Invalid: No color reaction on C Line. It means the operation is wrong or the test card is invalid.


1) The test card can be used only once at room temperature, do not reuse or use test card out of expiry date.

2) Return test card into room temperature if store in cold before use. Use the test card soon after open the bag to avoid moisture lead to invalidation.

3) Be careful when prepare sample, wear glove and mask.

4) This product is only for in vitro rapid diagnostic veterinary use, can not be quantified, do only qualitative testing.

5) The product test results for reference only, for confirmation, please refer to the relevant national standard methods.

Storage and expiry date

Storage:  Store at 4-30℃in dark, sealed, dry place, no frozen.

Expiry date: 24 months; date of production is on box.

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2 Reviews

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    its good

    Posted by Samuel on 25th Sep 2022

    The product quality was very good and I was highly amazed by the services of the company. It was overall a good experience.

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    Posted by Dr. Jennifer Davis on 13th Jun 2024

    Test Card has been a game-changer in our avian disease surveillance program. Its rapid detection capabilities and high accuracy have allowed us to swiftly identify and contain AIV outbreaks, protecting poultry populations and mitigating economic losses. This test card is a crucial tool for veterinarians and poultry producers in maintaining flock health and biosecurity

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