Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) Antibody Rapid Test Card | LSY-20066

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Green Spring Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) Antibody Rapid Test Card - LSY-20066 from Shenzhen Lvshiyuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Bovine and goat Tuberculosis (TB) antibody rapid test kit

Catalog No. LSY-20066

1. Principle

This test strip is based on fast immuno-chromatography technique to detect Tuberculosis Ab in serum/ whole blood of bovine and goat qualitatively. When testing, Tuberculosis Ab in sample combine with antigen coated by colloid gold forming complexes, moving forward to the other head. When reaching the T-line, the specific antigen on the membrane capture the complexes and appear a T line, C line appears, means the test is valid. The T line appears, means there is Tuberculosis Ab in the sample.

2. Specifications:  40 tests/kit


1)  TB Test card                      40 pieces

2)  Sample buffer                   40 tubes

3)  Manual                             1 piece

4).  Dropper                          40 pieces

4. Sample requirement

1) This test card only suit for serum/whole blood of bovine and goat

2)Serum: take 2-3ml blood into a clean dry tube according to conventional method, leave the blood static for about 1 hour until blood coagulate, then centrifuge at 4000r/min for 10min (or leave the blood static for about 2 hour until blood coagulate and naturally separate out serum ),separate out serum. The serum need to be clear and bright, no hemolysis, no pollution. Serum can store at 2~8℃for short-term, need to store at -20℃for long-term.

3)Whole blood: collect fresh anticoagulated whole blood, use on the same day; for whole blood without adding anticoagulant, use it immediately after collection.

5.Operation procedures

1) Use dropper to absorb the well-prepared sample, drop 1 drop of serum or 2 drops of whole blood into the sample buffer tube vertically and slowly (note: this step is very important, never add too much sample), mix it for ready use.

2) Open foil bag and take out test card, put them on flat clean desk, use dropper to absorb 2-3 drops (about 60ul) of above step 1) ready to use sample into well mark “S”.(If Micropipette is available, firstly add 3ul serum or 6ul whole blood, then add 2 drops of sample buffer into well mark “S” )

3) Put it at room temperature for 10-15 min, then read the result.

6. Results

Negative(-): no color reaction on Test Line (T Line),only on Control Line(C Line) being seen red color reaction. It means there is no TB antibody in the sample.

Positive(+): Both on T Line and C line being seen red color reaction. The higher of antibody titer, the darker color of T line. It means there is TB antibody in the sample.

Invalid: No color reaction on C Line. It means the operation is wrong or the test card is invalid. Test again, if continue happen, contact us.

7. The limitation of the test method

This test can only detect Tuberculosis Ab of bovine and goat qualitatively, can do a rough evaluation of antibody level: strong, medium and weak according to color depth.


1) Read the manual carefully before use, the buffer offered is only used for this test.

2) Do not use serum of other animals etc. like “no sample requirement” liquid as negative control.

3) Do not use product out of date or broken foil bag.

4) Return test card and sample buffer to room temperature after taking out from refrigerator, use the test card soon after open package to avoid dampness lead to invalidation.

5) Avoid using samples of contaminated with turbidity, severe hemolysis, and large amounts of blood lipids.

6) Do not touch the white membrane surface in the middle of test card, avoid sunlight and fan blowing directly.

7) The waste of test should be treated as pollution, handle it according to local regulations.

9.Storage and expiry date

Storage:  Store at 2-30℃in dark, sealed, dry place, no frozen.

Expiry date: 24 months; date of production is on box.

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Additional Information

Rapid Test
25 Tests/kit
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