AffiVET® Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) Antigen Rapid Test

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Rapid Test
40 Tests/kit

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Newcastle disease virus(NDV) antigen rapid test card 

1. Introduction

Newcastle disease, also known as the Asian fowl plague, is caused by a virus of chicken and a variety of birds acute highly contagious disease, mainly characterized by difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, nervous disorders, mucosal and serosal bleeding. Because of different pathogenic strains, can be expressed as the severity of the disease vary widely.

The Newcastle disease virus (NDV) antigen test strip is based on fast immuno-chromatography technique to detect NDV Ag in birds trachea or cloaca (or feces). After adding sample, the sample move along with the colloidal gold labeling NDV antibody, is there is NDV antigen in the sample, it combines with antibody on T line and show wine-red color; if there is no NDV antigen, then no color reaction.

2. Contents



NDV Ag test card

40 pieces



40 pieces



40 pieces


Sample buffer

40 bottles


Disposable gloves

1 bag



1 piece


3. Test procedure

1) Use Swab to collect sample from cloaca (recommended) or trachea, the swab should be inserted into cloaca or trachea, wipe and rotate in inner well repeatedly. To young birds, it can use dropper to collect fresh feces directly.

2) Insert the swab into the tube with sample buffer immediately, rotate the swab strongly on tube well for at least 10 times and mix the solution evenly, making the sample been dissolved in sample buffer fully. Press the swab on tube well above the liquid level, making the liquid been pressed out fully, discard swab.

3) Be static for 1-2 min, making bigger particles precipitate.

4) Take out test card from sealed bag. Put it on flat surface, use dropper to draw upper-layer bright liquid, drop 5 drops slowly, one by one, to the sample hole with “S” mark.

5) Put the test card at room temperature for 15-20min, read the result, the result is invalid after 20 minutes.

4.Results judgement

1) Negative: only control line is seen wine red;

2) Positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red;

3) Invalidation: control line isn’t seen wine red.

5. Note 

1) Use the sample buffer in the package. Do not mix use sample buffer from different supplier, different products. Never use Normal saline、PBS、Tap water、Pure water as sample buffer, because sample buffer from other sources will lead to false result(false positive or false negative result).

2) Do not use product with broken Aluminum foil bag package. Use test card in 1 hour after taking out.

3) The collected sample should be tested immediately, avoid long time storage.

4) The sample collection directly affect the accuracy of testing, so ensure collect sample correctly and fully.

5 Collect feces sample too much will affect the normal surge of liquid, and lead to wrong result (black area appear), and too little sample may lead to false negative result, so collect sample as following picture.


6) Avoid bubble when adding sample to test card.

7) The used test card should be handled as local pollution properly.

8) Do not use test card out of expiry date.

9) Deal with the used test card and sample as waste according to local regulation strictly.

6.Frequently Asked Questions

1) Limitation of the product

This kit is a qualitative screening reagent, can detect NDV antigen accurately, but if sample is not enough or concentration of antigen is lower than sensitivity, it may appear negative result. A clear clinical diagnosis should be made after taking into account all clinical and laboratory phenomenon.

2) The sensitivity and specificity of the product.

Compare with other similar test card, this test card detect Newcastle disease virus antigen sensitivity > 99%, it has no cross-reaction with similar symptoms to those of fowl cholera, avian influenza virus, infectious bronchitis.

3) Whether there is a positive reaction when checked after vaccination

Such as vaccination attenuated vaccine, immunization process of the virus in the body and increases the moment there may appear positive. However, this phenomenon disappear after vaccinated 3-10 days.

7. Storage and expiry date

Specifications: 40T/kit

Storage: Store at 2-30 ℃. Return to room temperature before open the Aluminum foil bags for cold storage.

Expiry date: 24 months; date of production is on box.

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