RNase Quiet / RNase Quiet for Replacement

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RNase Quiet / RNase Quiet for Replacement | 09147-14 from Nacalai Tesque is available for delivery.

RNase Quiet is a ready-to-use solution for eliminating RNase, DNase, DNA and RNA contamination. It completely removes RNase contamination from glass, plastic equipments and laboratory tables.


  • Removes RNase contamination effectively
  • Easy to use spray type
  • Easy to wipe with no detergent
  • Non-carcinogenic with no DEPC


Decontamination of cover glass


  1. Apply 100 µl RNase A solution (1 mg/ml) on cover glasses and dry them.
  2. Spray with DEPC treated water or RNase Quiet and wait for 1 minute. Wipe thoroughly with a clean paper towel and then rinse with RNasefree sterile water.
  3. Apply 50 µl RNA Solution (40 µg/ml) on the cover glasses and incubate them at 37°C for 30 minutes.
  4. Apply 1 µl ethidium bromide solution (20 µg/ml) on the cover glasses with a pipette.
  5. Observe the cover glasses with UV.

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    Posted by Leonardo on 8th Jan 2022

    like their name Gentaur, their products are totally organic. No use of any harmful chemicals. Really happy with the products!

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