InstantBlue SDS-Page Gel Staining

Easy, sensitive and fast protein gel staining with Expedeon InstantBlue dye reagent

The results are visible within 15 minutes only

1.What is the formulation of the Instant blue reagent?

Instant Blue stain is a ready-to-use reagent for fast and sensitive protein staining on electrophoresis polyacrylamide gels. The results can be obtained within a few minutes and no procedures of washing, fixing or de-staining are needed.

The reagent contains Coomassie dye, phosphoric acid, ethanol and solubilizing reagents in water.

2.Is it toxic?

The Instant Blue dye is not toxic and does not include any methanol.

3.Does it react with other components of the sample solution?

Instant Blue is ultra-sensitive staining reagent that reacts only with the proteins in the sample. As a result, you will see well -defined blue bands on a transparent background. It has a positive effect on the overall resolution and its usage reduces the background interference and better ratio signal/noise.

4.Can the stained proteins be used for downstream applications?

The proteins stained with Instant Blue can be used for further Mass Spectrometry (MS) analyses.

5.Does it require any special storage?

No. The reagent should be stored at 4 degrees Celsius upon receipt. Do not use if you the reagent solution is decolorized or there are signs for microbial contaminations.

6.What do you need to know before staining the protein gels with Instant Blue?

  • Before use, mix the Instant Blue by inverting the bottle several times. Do not shake.
  • Multiple washes of the gel prior staining are not recommended.
  • The Instant Blue staining does not require prior steps of alcohol/acetic acid fixation.
  • No de-staining is needed after the usage of Instant Blue.

7.What are the steps of the staining procedure?

Step 1. Remove the gel from the electrophoresis tank and transfer it directly in a container with approx. 20 ml Instant Blue staining solution.

Step 2. After incubation at room temperature and gentle shaking of the container, blue coloured protein bands will start to develop immediately. The intensity of the colour is usually achieved after incubation for 15 minutes.

Step 3. Photograph the gel after the required colour intensity is achieved. The Gel can be stored in the staining solution but make sure that are covered with liquid. The container should be closed to avoid evaporation of the Instant Blue.

The Instant Blue solution cannot be re-used and should be discarded after staining.

8. In summary, why do need the Instant Blue to obtain accurate results?

  • Fast staining for up to 15 minutes;
  • Only 1 step to do staining
  • High sensitivity - 5-25ng of protein detected per band.
  • Low background staining.
  • Quantitative - Same gel-to-gel performance ideal for quantifying protein by densitometry
  • It is not toxic
  • Proteins can be used for downstream applications - Mass Spectrometry
  • After usage of Instant Blue, the polyacrylamide gel can be dried or de-stain depending on your further experiments. Gentaur Technical Support Team will assist by providing you all details for these procedures upon request at .

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